Life cycle assessment training series

The Centre for Design, in partnership with Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) will be running a Life Cycle Assessment Training Series in November in both Melbourne and Sydney. The LCA training will enable you to:

  • Understand Life Cycle concepts, standards and tools
  • Commission a Life Cycle Assessment project
  • Effectively communicate project results
  • Drive decision making utilising Life Cycle principles.

This course is being offered as a professional training course through GECA. Two training options will be offered:

  • Half day LCA Workshop, focussing on understanding Life Cycle Assessment: Principles and Objectives
  • Two day LCA Training, focussing on understanding Life Cycle Assessment and Effectively Managing an LCA project.

Dates and locations for the courses are as follows:

Melbourne CBD

08 November 2012 –LCA Workshop (half-day)

08 – 09 November 2012 –LCA Training (2 days)

Sydney CBD

15 November 2012 –LCA Workshop (half-day)

15 – 16 November 2012 –LCA Training (2 days)

To register, and for information on content, cost and venues, please visit the GECA website.

Headstart - Design for Sustainability Masterclass

Dr Stephen Clune and Simon Lockrey will be delivering a ‘Design for Sustainability Masterclass’.

This short course is aimed at providing professional training to practicing product and industrial designers in Design for Sustainability (DfS). The course is delivered in a variety of modes, including theory, case studies and practical exercises.

On completion of this course, participants will have a good understanding of how to make improvements to all phases of a products life cycle, design for maximum efficiency, and design to encourage positive behaviours.

The course has been tentatively scheduled for two-full days on 21 to 22 March, 2011. If you are interested in the course, please contact the Centre for Design on +61 3 9925 3484.

To register go to

For more information call Robin Blood 61 3 9925 9457 or 61 3 9925 4819 or email

Sustainability in the built environment: A focus on building and design

In this course you will examine current best practice in environmentally sustainable design (ESD) and critically examine principles of environmentally sustainable design in relation to policy and practice, with an emphasis on retrofitting existing buildings.

The course comprises attendance of the 8th annual RMIT Green Building and Design conference - Greening the Existing Building Stock in September, as well as four interactive workshops before the event.

Students of this course will need to complete two assignments and a reflective journal.

This course is being offered as a professional training single course, and an elective for current postgraduate and undergraduate students at RMIT University.

Professional Training Single Course: BUIL 1225 Course Guide

For more information on the Green Building and Design Conference 2010 or single course please contact Nicola Willand at


For more information on any of our training courses: please email Nicole McGrath